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Offers Captions

# Caption Value
1 Page Heading Text
2 Page Heading Text (Commercial Offers)
3 Page heading Description Text
4 Page heading Description Text (Commercial Offers)
5 Select Category Text
6 Select Redemption Country Text:
7 Select Card Product Text:
8 Select Redemption Channel Text:
9 Select Payment Type Text:
10 Search Placeholder:
11 Sort condition Default Text
12 Offer Valid for Card Products Text
13 Sort condition - Recently Added Text
14 Sort condition - Merchant Name Ascending Text
15 Sort condition - Merchant Name Descending Text
16 Sort condition - Featured Offer First Text
17 Sort condition - Ending Soon Text
18 More Options Text
19 Fewer Options Text
20 Valid Card Types Text
21 Redemption Channel Text
22 Search by Text
23 Visa Signature Text
24 Featured Offer Text
25 Main Section Title Offers Introduction
26 Main Section Title Offers Filters
27 Main Section Title Offers List
28 Main Aria Filter Categories
29 Main Aria Filter Redemption Countries
30 Main Aria Filter Card Products
31 Main Aria Filter Redemption Channels
32 Main Aria Filter Payment Type
33 Main Aria Filter Search
34 Main Meta Description
35 Main Meta Description (Commercial Offers)
36 Main Meta Keywords
37 Main Meta Keywords (Commercial Offers)
38 Main Meta Search Description
39 Main Meta thumbnail
40 No Offer Message
41 Main Title
42 Main Title (Commercial Offers)
Caption Value
Details link "Get now" text
Details link "View Details" text
Details link "View all offers" text
Details link "Redeem now" text
Details link "Get directions" text
Details Section Title Header
Details Section Title Mobile Description
Details Section Title Offer Details
Details Section Title Redeem
Details Section Title Terms
Details Section Title Recommended Offers
Details header details
Details header terms and conditions
Details header "how to redeem" text
Details header "redeem now" text
Details header "redeem by phone" text
Details header "redeem in store" text
Details header "locations" text
Details header "Related Offers" text
Detail "text offer valid from" text
Details text "redeem now" text
Details text "redeem by phone" text
Details text "redeem code" text
Details text "redeem barcode" text
Barcode image alt tag
Details text "redeem QR code" text
QR code image alt tag
Details Meta Keywords (merchant name will be appended)
Details Meta Keywords (merchant name will be appended) (Commercial Offers)
Details Meta thumbnail
"Take me to website" text (authenticated multiple redeem code text)
"You have been logged out" text(authenticated multiple redeem code text)
"Sign in to continue" text (authenticated multiple redeem code text)
"There are no codes available at this time." text (authenticated multiple redeem code text)
Details "Create profile" text
Details "Log in" text
Details "Please sign in to view complete details" text
Details description "Terms and conditions apply" text
Premium Offers section title text
Regular Offers section title text
Caption Value
Merchant logo alt tag
Offer image alt tag

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