Visa Middle East and Africa
23 September 2017

Visa addresses future of payments innovation at Middle East and Eastern Europe Security Summit in Tbilisi, Georgia

Visa recently hosted its Security Summit for Middle East and Eastern Europe, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss the trends, challenges and innovations in payments security that are transforming the way we pay across the region and globally.

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18 May 2017

Visa launches Card Security Week campaign in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Visa recently launched its Card Security Week campaign for the first time in Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and a second year in a row in the UAE. The campaign aims to empower consumers with knowledge to help protect themselves from fraud, and build consumer trust in electronic payments.

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8 May 2017

3‐D Secure 2.0 ‐ Improving Security and Increasing Authorizations for Digital Transactions

Digital commerce is the fastest growing area of payments, as more connected devices become payment devices. Consumers have more ways to pay than ever before, whether through a browser, mobile app, or connected device. Today′s six billion connected devices will exceed 20 billion in the next three years.

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