Visa Middle East and Africa
4 May 2017

Visa Launches 4th Edition of Africa Integration Index

Visa has launched the 4th edition of its Africa Integration Index that measures the degree of economic integration with key trade corridors of sub-Saharan Arica. Launched at the World Economic Forum in Durban, South Africa, the report aims to better understand Africa.

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2 May 2017

The road to Africa′s future growth is paved with electronic payments

Africa has enjoyed an enviable streak of strong economic growth with an average GDP growth rate of 5% for the past 16 years. While uncertainty still looms on the back of recent disruptions in global commodity prices and greater competition for global trade, electronic payments offers a solution to maintaining that growth.

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20 December 2016

Visa and Egypt Post financially empowering 25 million Egyptians

Visa partnered with Egypt Post to provide access to formal financial services in remote cities and villages across Egypt. As part of the joint initiative, Visa is helping empower the post’s 25 million account holders with money management skills and by educating them on Visa’s financial solutions that are both cost effective and scalable.

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